UQAC en publications • Février 2021

La liste ci-dessous recense les écrits et les collaborations à de la documentation scientifique ou académique par des membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC au cours du mois de février 2021.

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Informatique et mathématiques


  • Demongivert, C., Bouchard, K., Gaboury, S., Bouchard, B., Lussier, M., Parenteau, M., … Giroux, S. (2021). A distributable event-oriented architecture for activity recognition in smart homes. Journal of reliable intelligent environments. Repéré à
  • Gingras, G., Adda, M., Bouzouane, A., Ibrahim, H., & Dallaire, C. (2020). IoT ambient assisted living: Scalable analytics architecture and flexible process. Procedia Computer Science, 177, 396-404. doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2020.10.053
  • Lafontaine, V., Lapointe, P., Bouchard, K., Gagnon, J.-M., Dallaire, M., Gaboury, S., … Beaulieu, L.-D. (2020). An open vibration and pressure platform for fall prevention with a reinforcement learning agent. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Repéré à
  • Politowski, C., Petrillo, F., Ullmann, G. C., & Guéhéneuc, Y. G. (2021). Game industry problems: an extensive analysis of the gray literature. Information and software technology, 134. Repéré à 10.1016/j.infsof.2021.106538
  • Robaczewski, A., Bouchard, J., Bouchard, K., & Gaboury, S. (2020). Socially Assistive Robots: The Specific Case of the NAO. International Journal of Social Robotics. Repéré à


  • Abudalfa, S., & Bouchard, K. (2020, 15-16 december). Hybrid deep-readout echo state network and support vector machine with feature selection for human activity recognition. Communication présentée au EAI WiCON 2020 – 13th EAI International Wireless Internet Conference, Melbourne, Australie.


  • Bouchard, K., Gonzales, L., Maitre, J., & Gaboury, S. (2020). Features exploration for grades prediction using machine learning. Dans GoodTechs ’20 : Proceedings of the 6th EAI International Conference on smart objects and technologies for social good (pp. 78-83). New York, NY, United States: Association for computing machinery.
  • Demongivert, C., Bouchard, K., Gaboury, S., Lussier, M., Kenfack-Ngankam, H., Couture, M., … Giroux, S. (2020). Fuzzy features for quality estimation of activity instances in a dataset. Dans GoodTechs ’20 : Proceedings of the 6th EAI International conference on smart objects and technologies for social good (pp. 54-59). New York, NY, United States: Association for computing machinery.


Sciences appliquées


  • Amrani, S., Kocaefe, D., Kocaefe, Y., Bhattacharyay, D., Bouazara, M., & Côté, J. (2021). Effect of carbon anode production parameters on anode cracking. SN applied sciences, 3(2). Repéré à
  • Bolle, O., Diot, H., Fransen, W., & Higgins, M. D. (2020). Central sagging of a giant mafic intrusion : the ediacaran sept Îles layered intrusion (Québec, Canada). Journal of the geological society, 178(1). Repéré à
  • Chesnaux, R., Marion, D., Boumaiza, L., Richard, S., & Walter, J. (2021). An analytical methodology to estimate the changes in fresh groundwater resources with sea-level rise and coastal erosion in strip-island unconfined aquifers: illustration with Savary Island, Canada. Hydrogeology Journal. Repéré à
  • Elizondo, G. H. G., Samuel, A. M., Samuel, F. H., Elsharkawi, E. A., & Doty, H. W. Effects of alloying elements additions on ambient temperature performance of Al-Si-Cu-Mg base alloys. International Journal of Metalcasting. Repéré à
  • Genna, D., & Gaboury, D. (2019). Use of semi-volatile metals as a new vectoring tool for VMS exploration; example from the Zn-rich McLeod Deposit, Abitibi, Canada. Journal of geochemical exploration, 207. Repéré à
  • Higgins, M. D., Debecq, A., Vander Auwera, J., & Nomikou, P. (2021). Chemical and textural diversity of Kameni (Greece) dacites: role of vesiculation in juvenile and mature basal crystal masses. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 176(2). Repéré à
  • Hosseinpour, V., Saeidi, A., Nollet, M. J., & Nastev, M. (2021). Seismic loss estimation software: A comprehensive review of risk assessment steps, software development and limitations. Engineering Structures, 232. Repéré à
  • Ibrahim, M., Abdelaziz, M., Samuel, A., Doty, H., & Samuel, F. (2021). Spheroidization and coarsening of eutectic si particles in Al-Si-based alloys. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2021. Repéré à
  • Jeon, G., Ahmad, A., Chehri, A., & Albertini, M. K. (2021). Guest editorial: Special issue on design architecture and applications of smart embedded devices in internet of things. Journal of Systems Architecture, 115. Repéré à
  • Kijewski-Correa, T., Taflanidis, A., Vardeman, C., Sweet, J., Zhang, J., Snaiki, R., … Kennedy, A. (2020). Geospatial environments for Hurricane risk assessment: applications to situational awareness and resilience planning in New Jersey. Frontiers in Built Environment, 6(162). Repéré à
  • Mansurov, Y. N., Rakhmonov, J. U., & Aksyonov, A. A. (2020). Modified aluminum alloys of Al – Zr system for power transmission lines of Uzbekistan. Non-ferrous metals, 49(2), 51-55. doi: 10.17580/nfm.2020.02.06
  • Nabawy, A. M., Samuel, A. M., Samuel, F. H., & Doty, H. W. A review on the criteria of hot tearing susceptibility of aluminum cast alloys. International Journal of Metalcasting. Repéré à
  • Rakhmonov, J., Liu, K., & Chen, G. X. (2020). Effects of compositional variation on the thermal stability of θ′-al2cu precipitates and elevated-temperature strengths in al-cu 206 alloys. Journal of materials engineering and performance, 29(11), 7221-7230. doi: 10.1007/s11665-020-05227-5
  • Rakhmonov, J., Liu, K., Rometsch, P., Parson, N., & Chen, X. G. (2020). Effects of Al(MnFe)Si dispersoids with different sizes and number densities on microstructure and ambient/elevated-temperature mechanical properties of extruded Al–Mg–Si AA6082 alloys with varying Mn content. Journal of alloys and compounds, 861. Repéré à
  • Saeidi, A., Deck, O., Seifaddini, M., Heib, M. A. L., & Verdel, T. (2021). An improved methodology for applying the influence function for subsidence hazard prediction. Georisk. Repéré à
  • Shahbazi, A., Chesnaux, R., & Saeidi, A. (2021). A new combined analytical-numerical method for evaluating the inflow rate into a tunnel excavated in a fractured rock mass. Engineering geology, 283. Repéré à
  • Sharma, T., Chehri, A., Fortier, P., Yousif Ahmed, H., Zeghid, M., & Imtiaz, W. A. (2021). Optical code construction of 2D spectral/spatial BIBD codes for SAC-OCDMA systems. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11(2). Repéré à
  • Snaiki, R., Wu, T., Whittaker, A. S., & Atkinson, J. F. (2020). Hurricane wind and storm surge effects on coastal bridges under a changing climate. Transportation research record, 2674(6), 23-32. doi: 10.1177/0361198120917671
  • Sun, S. (2021). How does the collaborative economy advance better product lifetimes? A case study of free-floating bike sharing. Sustainability (Switzerland), 13(3). Repéré à
  • Tian, N., Wang, G., Zhou, Y., Liu, C., Liu, K., Zhao, G., & Zuo, L. (2021). Formation of phases and microstructures in al-8si alloys with different mg content. Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 14(4). Repéré à
  • Verma, A. K., Subramanian, C., Jarial, R. K., Roncero-Sanchez, P., & Rao, U. M. (2021). A robust lyapunov’s demodulator for tracking of single-/three-phase grid voltage variables. Ieee Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70, 11. Repéré à


  • Barnes, S.-J., Mansur, E. T., Pagé, P., Meric, J., & Arguin, J.-P. (2020, 4-11 september). Major and trace element compositions of chromites from the Stillwater, Bushveld and Great Dyke intrusions compared with chromites from komatiites, boninites and large igneous provinces. Communication présentée au 14th International Nickel Symposium and Naldrett Memorial.
  • Lacono-Marziano, G., Le Vaillant, M., Barnes, S.-J., Godel, B., & Arbaret, L. (2020, 10 november). The role of magma degassing in sulphide melt mobility and metal enrichment. Communication présentée au 14th International Ni-Cu-PGE and Naldrett Memorial Symposium.
  • Mansur, E. T., & Barnes, S.-J. (2020, 4-11 september). Modelling of the distribution of Te, As, Bi, Sb, Sn (TABS) and Se in the Merensky Reef and the implication for PGE collection mechanisms in magmatic sulfide deposits. Communication présentée au 14th International Nickel Symposium and Naldrett Memorial.
  • Mansur, E. T., & Barnes, S.-J. (2020, 4-11 september). Trace elements in pyrrhotite, pentlandte, chalcopyrite and pyrite from magmatic sulfide deposits: an overview. Communication présentée au 14th International Nickel Symposium and Naldrett Memorial.
  • Smith, W. D., Maier, W. D., Barnes, S.-J., Moorhead, G., Reid, D., & Karykowski, B. T. (2020, 10 november). Up close and personal with the Merensky Reef: insights from µXRF and SEM mapping. Communication présentée au 14th International Nickel Symposium and Naldrett Memorial.
  • Snaiki, R., & Wu, T. (2021, 22 to 24 September). Hurricane risk assessment of offshore wind turbines under a changing climate scenario. Communication présentée au IABSE Congress : Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs, Ghent, Belgique.
  • Snaiki, R., & Wu, T. (2021). Reduced-order modeling with efficient data assimilation: A real-time prediction framework for wind-turbine wakes. Communication présentée au 13th international conference on structural safety & reliability, Shanghai, China.
  • Staude, S., Barnes, S.-J., Oelze, M., & Markl, G. (2020, 17 november). Sulfide evolution of the Moran komatiite-hosted Ni deposit, Kambalda, Western Australia. Communication présentée au 14th International Ni-Cu-PGE and Naldrett Memorial Symposium.
  • Yudovskaya, M. A., & Barnes, S.-J. (2020, 10 november). Breccias of the Norilsk ore fields and their significance for interpretation of mineralization. Communication présentée au 14th International Ni-Cu-PGE and Naldrett Memorial Symposium.


Sciences économiques et administratives


  • Sun, S., & Ertz, M. (2021). Environmental impact of mutualized mobility: Evidence from a life cycle perspective. Science of the total environment, 772. Repéré à


Sciences fondamentales


  • Bégin, P. N., Tanabe, Y., Rautio, M., Wauthy, M., Laurion, I., Uchida, M., … Vincent, W. F. (2021). Water column gradients beneath the summer ice of a High Arctic freshwater lake as indicators of sensitivity to climate change. Scientific Reports, 11(1). Repéré à
  • Berguet, C., Martin, M., Arseneault, D., & Morin, H. (2021). Spatiotemporal dynamics of 20th-century spruce budworm outbreaks in eastern canada: Three distinct patterns of outbreak severity. Frontiers in ecology and evolution, 8. Repéré à
  • Cayuela, H., Dorant, Y., Mérot, C., Laporte, M., Normandeau, E., Gagnon-Harvey, S., … Bernatchez, L. (2021). Thermal adaptation rather than demographic history drives genetic structure inferred by copy number variants in a marine fish. Molecular ecology. Repéré à
  • Cimon, S., Deslauriers, A., & Cusson, M. (2021). Multiple stressors and disturbance effects on eelgrass and epifaunal macroinvertebrate assemblage structure. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 657, 93-108. doi: 10.3354/meps13546
  • Deslauriers, A., Garcia, L., Charrier, G., Buttò, V., Pichette, A., & Paré, M. (2021). Cold acclimation and deacclimation in wild blueberry : direct and indirect influence of environmental factors and non-structural carbohydrates. Agricultural and forest meteorology, 301-302. Repéré à
  • Guo, X., Klisz, M., Puchałka, R., Silvestro, R., Faubert, P., Belien, E., … Rossi, S. (2021). Common-garden experiment reveals clinal trends of bud phenology in black spruce populations from a latitudinal gradient in the boreal forest. Journal of ecology. Repéré à
  • Kavtaradze, N., Alaniya, M., Pichette, A., & Mshvildadze, V. (2021). Apigenin glycosides from astragalus galegiformis. Chemistry of natural compounds, 57, 156–157. doi: 10.1007/s10600-021-03305-1
  • Knight, E. C., Harrison, A. L., Scarpignato, A. L., Van Wilgenburg, S. L., Bayne, E. M., Ng, J. W., Ibarzabal, J. … Marra, P. P. (2021). Comprehensive estimation of spatial and temporal migratory connectivity across the annual cycle to direct conservation efforts. Ecography. Repéré à
  • Yang, T., Yang, B., Boucher, É., & Rossi, S. (2021). How did climate and CO2 concentration affect intrinsic water-use efficiency and tree growth in a semi-arid region of China? Trees – Structure and Function. Repéré à


Sciences de la santé


  • Bernier, J., Poitras, M. E., & Lavoie, M. (2020). The care pathway of myocardial infarction patients in a remote area: A descriptive exploratory study. Recherche En Soins Infirmiers, (142), 111-122.
  • Dauwe, V., Poitras, M. E., & Roberge, V. (2020). How do rapid response teams work? What are their characteristics, impacts, and methods of implementation? A litterature review. Recherche En Soins Infirmiers, (143), 62-75.
  • Ferland, P.-M., Marcotte-L’Heureux, V., Roy, P., Carey, V. D., Charron, J., Lagrange, S., Leone, M., … Comtois, A. S. (2021). Maximal oxygen consumption requirements in professional north american ice hockey. Journal of strength and conditioning research. Repéré à
  • Fortin, M. P., Lavoie, M., Dufour, I., & Chouinard, M. C. (2020). Health literacy in patients presenting severe mental disorders. Santé mentale au Québec, 45(1), 105-126. doi: 10.7202/1070243ar
  • Martin, J. S., Laberge, L., Sasseville, A., Bérubé, M., Alain, S., Lavoie, J., … Hébert, M. (2021). Timely use of in-car dim blue light and blue blockers in the morning does not improve circadian adaptation of fast rotating shift workers. Chronobiology international, 1-15. Repéré à
  • Plouffe, J., Lalande, D., Hébert, É., Roussel, M.-A., & Lemieux, S. (2020). La passion sportive chez des entraineurs universitaires québécois : définition, développement et maintien. Sciences et pratiques des activités physiques sportives et artistiques, 9(18), 64-76.
  • Sasseville, M., Chouinard, M.-C., & Fortin, M. (2021). Understanding patient outcomes to develop a multimorbidity adapted patient-reported outcomes measure: a qualitative description of patient and provider perspectives. Health & Quality of Life Outcomes, 19(1). Repéré à